Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snack Attack

In response to hearing "There's nothing to snack on if you're doing the Paleo Diet!"

First of all:
Hah. hahahaha. hahahaaaaaaha. ha.

Second, here is a list of my favorite (and cheapest) snacks:

1. Home made Trail Mix

I made this trail mix out of
Brazil Nuts
Dried Cranberries
Dried Blueberries

Brazil nuts are a little pricey and can be replaced with something cheaper (like banana chips or pistachios). Avoid peanuts.
I buy one bag of each ingredient and mix it together and keep it in an air tight jar (If the jar doesn't fit everything FREEZE the left over nuts. They CAN go bad.)

2. Cuties! Cuties everywhere!!! (those are little mandarins/tangerines) you can get a bag of them at most markets for 3-4 dollars and they last about a week--if you eat 3 a day like me.

3. Celery with almond butter. I'm eating this right now! This snack is dirt cheap. Take a little Tupperware of almond butter and a few celery pieces to class with you, it will fill you up quick.

4. Apples with Almond butter.  Essentially the same as above, but with apples!

5. Why not dark chocolate? I usually have a square or two along with my Cuties or my trail mix. I get a lot of energy from it since I don't normally drink coffee. Great to satisfy your sweet tooth.

6. Beef Jerky or dry salami. Great to satisfy your meat tooth.

7. Snow peas/Snap peas. I throw a handful of these in a Ziploc and crunch on them throughout the day. They're very refreshing when its a warmer day.

8. Avocado. I will shamelessly eat half an avocado with nothing else on it. But if that grosses you out, bring some sliced turkey to go along with it.

9. Hard boiled eggs. Make them in the morning or the night before--make sure you refrigerate them though. They can get a little stinky but they always taste gooooood.

10. Fruit in yogurt
Handful of blueberries
One banana
1/4 Cup organic yogurt (not fat free! you WANT that fat!)

This has become more of a dessert for me lately. For one thing, it's a bit more expensive to keep a stock of ripe blueberries to snack on the daily. Also, it's pretty sweet now that my taste buds have adjusted to not eating fake sugars. (That's right! Your taste buds will change!)

Yogurt Alert
Some people recommend an entirely dairy-free paleo diet which I think is fantastic! I've read that minimal dairy that is fermented (like yogurt and kefir) is acceptable. The probiotics in them are also good for my stomach. However, if you're going for a stricter paleo regime, cut out the yogurt as well.

Those are my top 10 favorite snacks! I hope you enjoy!

And here's a picture of a baby in a taco costume:

Be well!

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